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Cameras are important to have in and around your business or home.  Our cameras are of the highest quality and very well priced.  The support for these products is fully transparent in South Africa and has a one year warranty. Our cameras have very good image quality on monitors and smartphone apps with good and easy playback on your local network or via remote access.

Key Elements

Hikvision is one of the largest CCTV manufacturers in the world. These products are brought to SA as the entry-level market breaker.

Advanced Control

You can control your camera system form your local network or from any where on PC, Tablet or smartphone. To change settings on your system, we can assist you remotely.

Target Audience

Our targets are small to medium businesses that need reliable video surveillance systems which work for all. We also target the household sector for video surveillance.


Hikvision is here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will be updating and improving it for years to come. Built on top of a powerful foundation.

Fixed Mini Dome

Outdoor Camera

4/8/16 Turbo DVR/NVR

PTZ Dome


Our innovate poducts will always surprise you.

Paradox Mission

Paradox, the mission is to provide customers with a personalized service and to manufacture innovative and quality products to all.


Advanced Features

The main system can be armed and disarmed via your smart phones on an app or via SMS. This puts full control in your hands. The system can also report to you via SMS and/or email.

Our History

The Paradox industry started out very small and there was only a hand full of technicians who worked on them.

Why Use Paradox

The Paradox range gives you the capability to expand your system. From wired to wireless, from small to large, this is a unique system that has rich features built into the entire Paradox range, from EVO192, Magellan and Spectra. We at Norway maintenance started our Business with P{aradox security systems. This is what we specialize in and is our main focus.
  • Paradox Security Systems ‘ Features 95% 95%
  • Other Security Systems ‘ Features 45% 45%


Our innovate poducts will always surprise you.


Control your environment be in control…


Access Control That Works, with a good TWIST

BioLite Net Reader

One Of The Best Outdoor Fingerprint readers

Why Access Control ?

Access control is one of the most crucial systems for any business. This will give the business managers or only the capability of securing the property and controlling staff for entering and exiting the property. With the access control system you can have T & A time and attendance from the report on one person or the whole company. This will also show who is working overtime or coming late for work,  this could help management you staff. Over the years we discovered that there is hundreds of access control systems.  We’ve decided to use one local system and one international system that we use for our systems and have support


Are you tired of the VoIP suppliers that cannot deliver the quality of service you expect? We are proud to announce that we now offer cloud calling services. We offer the industry technology with the best clarity in the VoIP sector.

Why VoIP? The cost savings offered by VoIP is phenomenal. There is a small cost for the IP equipment for your new PBX system to get started with. We offer an option for you to rent the equipment so that there is no layout on your side. Therefore a monthly fee that is cost effective for you and your business.  This means you can easily expand your PBX System with adding and removing extensions as you need. A recording solution can be added to your system with a click of a button and this will give you between 30 and 90 days of recording of every call that goes through your business. This is a brilliant tool to find out how your business and staff relates to your customers and where you need to focus you attention. Most of our reports are online and you can choose from various options. You can also set it up to automatically send reports for you to check their calls or private calls. You can have a mobile extension on your phone on an app which means all your calls will be billed to your company, and you can have a recording of all calls made to clients. The cost saving on this is phenomenal. Extensions in the field is also possible. If your sales people normally work from home they only require Internet and their extension will connect back to your cloud PBX.


We we host web our clients websites with email addresses to work the best for them we also do Google search engines for a client.

  • Fiber & ADSL Lines with Data
  • Website Hosting with Email Address
  • Forward Dormains
  • DNS Service
  • Fix IP Address

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